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Dear Visitor!

I would like to warmly welcome you in my new approach to creating innovative yet still traditional styles of clothing with exquisite embroideries.

A little bit about me and my experience. After attending Primary School, I went to Lorantffy Zsuzsanna Secondary School where I graduated as a clothing specialist. This is where I absolutely fell in love with designing dresses. I then went on to attend Budapest Technical College and successfully graduated and received my Diploma as an Industrial Engineer.

Following on from this, I was given the greatest opportunity to work as part of a Theatre Production Company where I stayed for 10 years developing my work experience. I gained a vast amount of experience in creating costumes, ranging from very traditional eras to more up to date modern styles. This hugely inspired me to go on and create unique styles of clothes.

Now… Let me tell you about my vision.

Over the past 15 years of my experience involving creative designs, it has been an important key goal and focus of mine to introduce the concept and style of embroidering. I am committed to creating high quality fashionable conservative clothing ranges that maintains a person’s modesty as opposed to revealing styles which are more often created in today’s world.

Another key factor in my design work is the beautiful traditional embroidered style, which highlights my innovation and passion for detail. The three embroidery styles I have adopted to embellish my clothing creations are the famous Kalocsai, Matyo and Nagytarcsai along with the wonderful inspirations of folk art from neighbouring countries.

Over the years, I have had the greatest privilege to experience first-hand via many communications with the people of today that there is a growing demand for more harmonious combinations of modern and traditional styles. In my design collection you will find clothing ranging from casual wear, wedding sets, occasional dresses and exclusive tailor made personalized creations.


Dear Visitor!


Please, take a few minutes to browse through my website and appreciate this creative world of clothing I have designed for you with love, passion and an amazing attention to detail. Thank you for taking the time to view my website, come back and visit me again soon. You are welcome to purchase from my webshop where the stock is continuously renewed and updated.


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