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In the footsteps of Hungaricums

In the footsteps of Hungaricums

Hungarikumok nyomában

It is a great pleasure and honor to me, that Romis Film Group asked me to be the costume designer of the Hungaricums trails movie series. I will dress up the three protagonists, who will be Edina Kulcsár, Rita Bodrogközi and Gábor Reviczky. I have worked for years as a theater costum designer, so I am very glad to get into the movie world, which is a very new thing for me.

The filming will be in the whole of the 2018’s year. The movie series will present in every part one-one Hungaricum (hungarian uniqueness). It will be very exciting.

I will try to report from every part and put out photos from the photo takings, filmings and workshop secrets.